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BARE BONES by Pan.a.ce.a hits the airwaves


Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music
September 21, 2010


Pan.a.ce.a is a hard rock band hailing from Wilkes-Barre, PA known to play some of the most intense, melodic and gut-driven modern rock. Pan.a.ce.a is vocalist Tim Farley, drummer Kevin Harry, bassist Matt Jaffin and guitarist Paul Young.

They are hard-driven individuals who have paid their dues on the club circuit and it shows in the maturity of their music. Their influences range from the Beatles to Coldplay with bands like Tool and Alice in Chains thrown in for good measure.

Listening to this acoustic effort Bare Bones, I heard awesome vocal projection, tight guitar riffs, groovin’ rhythms and tight presentations that immediately capture one’s ear and pervade throughout this well produced effort.

“No More Secrets” has a well structured feeling with strong vocals by Tim Farley that have a definite STP feel to them. Love the violin lines, they add that little extra ambiance.

“Don’t Walk Away” is a catchy tune that has a nice hook and chorus. Add to that… clean harmonies and the right amount of instrumentation that is not overbearing, this keeps this song totally in sync. 

“Hold On” is a changeup acoustic number reminiscent of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in its style and presentation.  “Someday” is a nice simple mid-tempo number that’s very effective and reminds one of early Goo Goo Dolls.

“I Never” is a strong kick-ass Gin Bloosoms type song with pulsating percussions and sharp guitar riffs. With a consistency that flows throughout, this makes it a candidate for single release! “Too Little Too Late”  – WOW! This is a hot rocker that has CHR/AOR (comtemporary hit radio/album oriented rock) possibilities as a breakout smash. It fits in with today’s sound to the max. My pick as best song on the CD!

“All I Want is You” is a powerful ballad with ballsy vocals that tell a deep heartfelt story. This would make a good “B” side to a single. And finally, “Devine” starts with the sounds of an old 45 RPM vinyl record on a turntable which adds a nice retro effect.

I can honestly say that this is well structured, professionally performed and nicely produced product which will take this CD to points unknown. Any one of these songs has potential to breakout.

Pan.a.ce.a is managed by Terry Selders of Susquehanna Entertainment and Larry Mazer of Entertainment Services.  For more information, contact Terry at 717-648-7159 or    Larry can be reached at 856-751-2223 or

This is an acoustic album made for the fans.  Pan.a.ce.a held a contest whereas the fans got to vote on what songs they wanted to hear on the album.  Most of the songs on Bare Bones are a result of the contest with a U2 cover titled “All I Want Is You” thrown into the mix.
Bare Bones is available to download September 21 (today) on iTunes. The album can also be purchased at any Pan.a.ce.a show and at the Gallery of Sound stores beginning October 1st.

You can tune into Y106.5 FM tonight (Tuesday Sept. 21st)  from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. to hear Pan.a.ce.a perform live in the studio. 

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