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Feb 202013

Crobot – The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer

review by Paul Simpson
February 2013

crobotIt can be dangerous to compare bands to other bands when reviewing their work, but that’s what makes this fun, so I always do it anyway.  No artist wants to be thought of as a derivative copycat, but the honest ones are happy to acknowledge those who have influenced their style.  Aerosmith, for example, never shied from admitting that they were Zep-heads, and Guns’n’Roses in turn acknowledged their own debt to Aerosmith.  The really good bands draw on these influences and weave them so skillfully into their own work that it really becomes their own, and you have to listen hard to pick them all out, but they’re there;  as I said, that’s what makes this fun.  Pottsville, PA-based Crobot is such a band, and listening to their debut album The Legend of the Spaceborne Killer was a real treat. Continue reading »

Feb 202013

Kevin Neidig – I’ve Been There

review by Paul Smith (
February 2013

neidigA casual listen to I’ve Been There, Kevin Neidig’s latest set, underlines his signature sound—a variety of guitar playing styles ranging from whimsical fun to a slow steady driving beat—and everything in between. His vocals run the gamut from baritone to falsetto—depending on the mood of the song.

A second or third listen reveals a rich texture of lyrics that contradict themselves and force yet further listens to fully understand them. “I Can’t Go Back… so I look ahead without a way to go,” “I’ve Been There… but I can’t say where I’ve been,” and “I Need A Connection… There’s a freedom in surrendering.”  These are markers, clues, to the ironies of the lives we lead.

“She’s Having A Good Cry Now” is all about fully embracing sadness to be able to fully let go to move on to the next euphoria. “Boundary” is a reminder of the need to set limits in order to not limit one’s potentials. “Drop In My Cup” signals the last hope and the first step towards new hope. Continue reading »

Jan 072013

The Uptown Music Collective, the area’s premier nonprofit school of music, will be holding their annual Winter Open House on Saturday, January 5th 2013 from 11-2pm, at their facilities at 848 West Fourth Street in Williamsport. Prospective students will able to tour the facilities, meet with teachers, and register for lessons, classes, and workshops taking place in the upcoming semester. Enrollment week will run until January 12th. Workshops will be going on during the hours of the open house so those in attendance can see what takes place at the school on a daily basis.

As the Uptown Music Collective continues to grow and refine its programs, its students are being afforded more and more amazing educational opportunities. With the new semester, all Uptown Music Collective students will, for the first time, have an opportunity to use the schools new recording project studio, train their ears in its Ear Training Lab and be taught using the schools smart board technology, all courtesy of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and through the support of the community. Continue reading »