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Anthony Narrow


Anthony Narrow – Love Will Keep You On Your Feet

Written by Jim Munster
PA Music Scene
July 2010

Anthony Narrow is excited to get his music out there so he contacted and asked us to give his album a listen.  His digital download only album Love Will Keep You On Your Feet showcases a few styles of Anthony’s playing but has an overall cohesive feel. 

The opening track “Love Will Keep You On Your Feet” for me is the shining moment on this album.  The song has a folk/renaissance feel that is complimented nicely with the dueling male and female banter.  I can almost see them fighting nose-to-nose over why he “bought from his brother again.” Female vocals are those of Kristen Kirby of Evernight. Her vocals are very clean and bright. She harmonizes very well with Anthony and cuts through the mix shimmeringly.  I really enjoyed listening to her in a supporting role; I’d love to hear more of her in a lead vocal position.”

The album changes tone with “Five Alarm Fire” delving into the brooding tone that encapsulates the balance of the album.  The lyrics on this tune are clever and describe that “fire” you might feel about a woman.

On “Two Become One” a sequenced drum track lays the foundation to a mellow tune with very nice backing vocals by his female counterpart.  Personally, I don’t know that the snare choice fits this song.  I would have preferred to hear a more subdued jazz snare on this tune.

The bass groove on “2033” is really nice.  Another back and forth duet leads into some nice acoustic guitar solo work.  I’d like to hear more of this duet-style from Anthony in any future releases.

For me, Anthony’s vocal quality and range are really quite similar to Bruce Springsteen and Jack Johnson.  For fans of Bruce, you may appreciate the rasp and semi-transparent melody line that accompanies this style.  Anthony’s scat vocals carry over between songs and obviously work for him and his genre.

On the production end, Anthony Narrow explains: “The album was produced by Bret Alexander (Badlees, Saturation Acres). A lot of the songs were done in two-hour sessions or so… it’s my first one as a solo musician. I’ve played guitar and mandolin in various bands through the years among other things. They are all original tunes written by me except Summertime which was written by me and Bret… each song deals with a
different aspect of love.” 

-The album can be downloaded for free at

-Jim Munster