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Kriki (Kristen Kirby of Evernight) – “Talk (We Act Like We’re Doing Something)”


Kriki (Kristen Kirby of Evernight) – “Talk (We Act Like We’re Doing Something)”



Review by Jim Munster
PA Music
September 2010

This five song collection is musically well written. There is some stellar pre- and post- production to all the songs herein. The collection is stylistically diverse and musically challenging without being overly-presumptuous. The music is not difficult to appeal to the casual listener, yet gives a musician something to sink their teeth into. The critical musician will appreciate the time that was spent constructing the songs and the effort that went into recording them.

Kriki’s singing voice reminds me of Ivory soap:  clean, pure and smooth. I really fell head-over-heels for her crystal clean voice when I heard her on Anthony Narrow’s recent effort (see my review of his CD).  A few notes of her inflection might come off as slightly contrived and breathy, but she is able to hold on to a unique singing style of her own. Fans of 10,000 Maniacs will immediately notice a similarity to Natalie Merchant’s tone and style, but Kriki makes good use of it and creates a new style of her own.

Throughout, Kriki’s melody lines float nicely over each song. She seems to naturally know how to treat the lyrics to fit the mood of the song. These songs are mature, thought-provoking and display a level of songwriting beyond the normal realm of the pop tune.

Track thoughts:

“Talk”:   A fun, tap your foot/nod your head number…nice harmonies…Whoa! A truck-driver gear shift!..the elusive song-ending of the most controversial features of modern pop songwriting. Does it work for this song? I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

“Done For Love”:   A non-assuming, laid back blues-tune with tasteful guitar licks…a keeper for me…I’d like to hear the guitarist open up

“Change” my favorite tune on the collection… the violin is cool but a bit heavy in the mix after the intro…a pop-Irish tune for sure…I just saw a Leprechaun dancing in the corner… “It’s as good a time as any for change” tongue-twister..say that 3 times fast..she does…the bridge in the song transations into a cool mandolin solo. The instrumentation and musicianship on this song is top-notch.