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WAYNE SUPERGENIUS – without memory


Review by Jim Munster
PA Music
November 2010

My first listen to Wayne Supergenius was like taking a bite of something you have never tried before and later realizing that it might be the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten. Please give me another bite!

The musicianship and song craftsmanship of Wayne Supergenius are second-to-none. The songs on their latest effort Without Memory are a ten song compilation of pure joy. I might go as far to call it a modern pop rock masterpiece.

“Can’t Believe You Now” – pop-friendly anthem with a great hook, great guitar tone and vocal production, cool fade-out. This tune is ready for the radio right now.

“Little Girl” – twangy, tele-inspired, honky-tonk fun. Nice change of pace from the first song. I’m liking this!  I’ve got a taste of The Beatles on my mouth after hearing the verses… George Harrison-esque chorus… nice, airy-sounding bridge with the jingle bells. This song runs the gamut of honky tonk country/pop/Beatles pop and Christmas Tune… thumbs up for originality and technique… great guitar solo. I bet this song is so much fun to play live. I would have liked to hear a tag on the end, but the extended fade-out works too.

“Getting So Much Harder” – A perfectly crafted rock - pop - feel-good song…I can’t get enough… play more!

“Better Place” – this song should be playing on a radio somewhere in the heart of Nashville… great hook, great harmonies and sweet tone on the guitar… an instant classic. I can’t say enough good stuff about these songs!

I must admit that if “Wayne” wrote these songs, he truly is a “super genius.”