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Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
January 2011

This is a very jazz-oriented band based out of State College. The band Black Coffee consists of  two lead guitarists which are VINCE CUNEO and RYAN ALFORD; MICKEY NEW on bass; JIM DEVOSS on drums and on vocals is CAITLIN CUNEO.

This 4 song E.P is quite a treat and it’s bound to carry you away for the bluesy jazz fans out there. Each song on this E.P. over 4 minutes long. The first song called, WORKING HARD is nice and simple with the interludes of the guitar circling the vocals waiting to land. The vocals are a stand out here. The next song titled, BLUE is really a stand out with a laid back guitar and a very mellow feel to it. I must admit, this song could get anyone swaying to it. I can just picture myself in a smoke-filled room and lights down very low in a pub while watching them perform. I hope you’ll be able to picture yourself there, too. This song is great, to say the least, and that says alot coming from me.

BOTTOM OF THE BARREL has a spark to it and the band has everything placed where it should be. This band would definitely do great in New York in one of their top jazz clubs. The last song is a cover song by Billie Holiday titled, FINE AND MELLOW and it reflects on their song BLUE… a nice laid back mellow mood where things just fall into the place with ease.  

I would highly recommend seeing this band when you get into the State College area and getting a copy of their E.P.  This band is definitely to be reckoned with in the blues jazz world in the near future. 

Now, please go see the band and tell them that Jim sent you, I know you won’t be sorry.

Kind Regards,
Jim  Allford