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EMILY’S TOYBOX: PILL….. [Parental Advisory Explicit Content!] 
Review by Jim Allford
PA Music

November 2010

This PA band is definitely one of the most hardworking and dedicated bands you could ever find. Each band member knows their role to a “T” because they do not ever miss one beat… even on their bad nights.

The band members include: MIKE WISE-main vocals/guitar; RICK LIENHARD-guitar/vocals; MILLHOUSE- bass/sax/vocals; WADE CORBIN-drums/vocals.   

PILL is one bad a** CD that will take you on a thrill ride. You’ll feel you’ll be riding Thunder Mountain without even leaving your house, car, whatever… just hold on tight.  

“YOU’RE COMING WITH ME” starts out the cd and the intro with a little kid talking - will crack you up but then POW… you’ll be slapped in the face the minute you open the door. “LOSING FAITH” is a dose of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS but it’s a song they wish they would’ve made. You’ll know what I mean the minute you hear the song. The guitar work will blow you away.

“F*** YOU TOO”  mellows out the band the bit but they hold it tight together. The main idea is to listen to the lyrics which will have you cracking up. Definitely a highlight on the cd. “BEAT THE F*** OUT OF ME” shows a different side of the band… doing a great reggae intro and they BLAM…off they go and as soon as they BLAM you, they slip in the reggae beat again, without missing one beat.

They are one of the most talented band that PA ever had and they been doing this for years. No doubt, they can make anyone love them without even trying. You’ll find out how human they really are after you go to one of their shows.

This is one band PA should be very proud of… I salute you EMILY’S TOYBOX  You only deserve the best. I highly recommend seeing the band live.  You’ll remember them forever.
Keep in touch and never change.
Rock on,
Jim Allford