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Gina Riggio – Songs for Chairs E.P.



Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
February 2011

SoFAR PSU Altoona Campus Summer 2009

Gina hails from State College. This E.P. is just Gina on vocals and piano. The 4 songs are stripped down to Gina being Gina. She owns every song on this E.P. and they are all her. The lyrics are simple, but true if you listen hard to them.

The first song titled “DOG” gives you reflections of Randy Newman’s Short People. The song is short, sweet and sharp to say the least. The melody is cool and fun and it’s very catchy. “JUST BECAUSE” is another stand out by Gina. You can hear her pouring her heart out to you and she does it so simple, without no fears or no bars held against anyone. Heart to heart as it’s meant to be. The last song titled, “BOXING” [Ben Folds Five COVER], fits her well as you feel as if you’re at a circus and people are spinning around in front of you. The haunting piano is kept simple as she weaves her vocals into it.

I highy recommend the E.P. by Gina. State College should be proud to have a musician like her in front of their eyes. She has yet to be reckoned with.

Thank you Gina. Much respect and honored to know you.