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Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
January 2011
(Submitted Photo)

The band consists of HEATHER PORCARO on vocals; TONY BERG and ALEC DIXON on guitars; JOHN WICKS on drums; DYLAN COOPER on bass; and STEVE PORCARO on keyboards. This 7 song E.P. was produced by TONY BERG.  

I suppose by now you recognized the last name. Yes, she is the daughter of STEVE PORCARO and she’s coming into her own. She also wants to be touring in PA this spring.

The first song titled, SEASONS  is very up tempo and has a great melody that could have you singing to it in no time. The band is as tight as ever, never missing a beat and yet keeping it simple. The simple guitar riff just does it for me. IN THE MIDDLE is another song kept sweet and simple; it will have you booping in no time. The keyboard is the highlight in the song doing interludes with Heather’s vocals.

I WANNA KNOW is really a catchy tune as the guitars talk to you and her vocals are right on key. The band is as tight as ever once again. JUST A GHOST is a short song and it carries itself well. The lyrics will be speaking to you, so listen hard. SPACE MONKEY, the final cut on the E.P., is quite interesting as guitars add some distortion in the background as Heather holds her own throughout the song.

I highly recommend this E.P. by HEATHER PORCARO. I know she is really going to be reckoned with in the very near future. I wonder who she would be touring with, if anyone at all. Check her out FB and at and on 

I hope to meet up with her myself if she does do a PA tour. Let her know I sent you to her sites.

Best Regards,
Jim Allford