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Ice Cream Headache – Loud Mouth Soup


Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
December 2010


The CD consists of 10 tracks that are in the same vein as the 2 other previous CD’s by the band. The first song on the CD is titled: “GINGERBREADMAN” which is a mixture of Zappa meets Steely Dan and a dose of rock-ish jazz in it. I must admit, the song is quite interesting as it runs over 5 minutes long. The interludes between songs adds a nice dose of the human side of the band and their humor which shows through in all their songs.

The title song “LOUDMOUTHSOUP” is quite a treat as they show a kickin’ and pickin’ side of the band. The vocals are right on target. This song is worth the price of  admission itself. The seventh song on the CD is titled “JENNY SUNDAY” and you’ll love the great guitar riff in it and the effects in it. I can hear you say, “I know that voice”, when you hear the vocals. I must admit, it will have you wondering. This song is definitely a highlight on the CD.

The finally track is titled “WOW & FLUTTER” this tune has a great jazzy taste. The effects are doing interludes and dancing around the vocals as the beat stays solid and very right on time. You cannot help to love this one.

I hope everyone will buy this CD for a present for someone this Christmas. It’s definitely worth the price.

Check out the band at: www.ICECREAM-HEADACHE.NET 

I highly recommend the band. I would love to see them live. Great jobs guys and everyone involved at Mishmush Records. Tell Bobo The Clown I asked about him. Let them know I sent you.

Best Regards,
Jim Allford