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Ice Cream Headache


Review by Jim Allford
PA Music

ICE CREAM HEADACHE…based out of Gibsonia, Pa. The main nucleus of the band is Griff Humphreys and Dale Cincki. The titles of the CDs are: DROPPED AS A BABY and SILVERCLOUD. These CDs are real treat to the ears. They will take you places where you’ve never been.

The intro to the Dropped As  A Baby CD will have you laughing in a minute… titled “Theme from Vinny The Stooge” and will leave you wanting to play the intro over and over again. One of my favorites from the CD is titled” Fire In The Hole”… everything fits into place and the vocals are right on the money. You’ll definitely be turning up this song volume wise. It’s that intense. “Sister” is another amazing song that will carry away. ”Soul Trippa” shows the funk in the band. It will have you dancing and grooving to it. “Kingzilla” give you a does of rap but it’s done with justice. This CD have 14 tracks that will blow you away. 

The CD  SILVERCLOUD  has 9 tracks on it. The first song is titled “Moonpies & Magpies” which is a great jazzy, mellow type of song with very funny lyrics that will crack you up but they get the point across. You should love it. The 2nd song titled “Terminal Way” mentions Allentown – talking about a road trip in their own style andit shows through. “Kindred” is dose of country styled music. The song titled “Pickled Wood Kimonos” is laid back with lots of stuff going on the background. These CDs are very well produced and everything shines brightly on both of them. I feel if this band won’t impress you nothing will.

Contact Griff on Facebook and let him I sent you. My hats off to Griff and everyone involved…the band is bright gem in Pa.

Best Regards,