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Jackson Monsour self titled CD


Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
October 2010

JACKSON MONSOUR, the artist and his self titled CD.  Jackson is a native of Bedford, Pa. The CD consist of 14 songs that will take you on a musical journey. Jackson touchs almost every type of musical genre you can think of and he does it well. His back-up  band is really tight backing him up and the mixtures work great together. Believe me, this CD will have you bopping around in your car with the music cranked up.

I must admit, it’s hard to pick out any favorites on this CD because there are alot of stong songs on it. I definitely feel he is one of  Bedford, PA’s hidden talents and people should start to take notice of him.

The song “REALITY” is great with a jazzy, bluesy touch to it as he jokes around at it poking holes at reality. The piano work is a stand-out on this one. The reggae song tited “IF I COULD” flows with a great melody and lyrics that you will no doubt be singing. The organ riff will have you saying WOW!

“FORGIVE AND FORGET” is a simple rock song and that carries itself well. The harmonies are great on this. “REPLACIN’ PAIN” has great lyrics and he tells like it is about living in a town like Bedford, PA and this no doubt sums it up. The simple riff and harmonies keep it going and you’ll be bopping to it in a minute. “BABY BACK BLUES” is truly a blues song that has some amazing slide guitar and back up vocals. You’ll definitely have the feeling that you are down south… he really has his heart into it, you’ll love it. He ends the CD with “MR. BILL” about a dentist that gets him high and what he wants to do. What a blast.

I highly recommend this CD to everyone. You will not be disappointed and the CD will give you more than your money’s worth. I hope Bedford, PA appreciates what they have right in front of them because it’s about time they do.

Check out JACKSON  MONSOUR and let him know I sent you. Hats off to you Jackson….great job.

Keep in touch. Enjoy.