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Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
January 2011

The name of the group is the same: MONSTER TRACK SUPERGROUP.

The band consist of Jeremy Hummel on drums; Jeff Pittinger on vocals and Bret Alexander on lead/bass guitar and keyboards. The E.P. was produced at Saturation Acres.   The E.P. is made up of 4 cover songs.

The first cover song is WILD WORLD, a Cat Stevens song and it’s nicely done with everything in place and the vocals are right on the money. HOT CHILD IN THE CITY is another cover by the band, which is pretty much on the dot. Once again the vocals shine through and Bret has all the riffs down to a science.  Jeremy’s drums are good and solid.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE RAIN is another cover. I feel this is the weakest song on the E.P. for some reason it doesn’t shine through like the other songs. DRIFT AWAY, the Dobie Gray song, shines through…you could swear it’s Dobie singing the song himself. I must admit, it’s the highlight on E.P.

I expect to hear much more from the band, but doing original music, which I know they can do. Check them out at: or on their site on Myspace.

MONSTER TRACK SUPERGROUP E.P  – 10% of  all proceeds generated by the sale of this E.P. will be donated to the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION.

Let Jeff know I sent you.

Best Regards,
Jim Allford