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Remembering SideShow Bob


Written by Jim Allford
PA Music Scene
August 2010

Once upon a time there was band from State College called SIDESHOW BOB. Ted McCloskey was the brain-child of the band doing most of the songwriting. I have two of their Cd’s titled - Untucked and Dig The New Steps. Untucked was released in 1997 and Dig The New Stepwas released in 1999. The music is timeless on both of the Cd’s.

In some aspects, some of the songs go on forever on the Untucked CD but the songs wouldn’t be complete otherwise.Untucked  was produced much better than Dig The New Steps without a doubt. The music flys everywhere on both of these Cd’s… there is not one type of music that is not covered.

The vocals are strong on both albums thanks to Scott Mangene and being right on time. The CD Dig The New Steps has 15 cuts and it’s like a roller-coaster ride. You’re zapped with everything from jazz, to blues, to rock, etc. It’s smorgasbord of music.

The weakest part about Dig The New Steps is the production. On the Dig The New Stepsthe highlights are: “Falling All Over Yourself”, “Fer-De-Lance”, “Hello How Are You”, “Pathetic” and “Open Letter”. The music isn’t in your face.

Untucked is produced by Bob Koltz from Tyrone and sounds great. Highlights on the Untucked CD is: “Genius”, “Go”, ”So Happy” and “NOTHING”. I highly recommend both of these Cd’s. They are timeless… to say the least.

Next time you see Ted or Scott in State College give them a hand they so well deserve. It’s a shame no one got it when they were playing the area during their time.