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RUNA – Stretched On Your Grave

Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
February 2011 

This 3 piece band consist of Shannon Lambert -Ryan from Philly and Cheryl Prashker and Fionan de Barra from Canada. Their music speciality is in Irish/Celtic music. The CD was recorded at Cambridge Sound Studios by Jim Salamone who did an excellent job. The CD consist of 13 pure Celtic songs that will take you into the mountains and into their world just by listening to it.

THE NEWRY HIGHWAYMAN starts out the CD with a simple beat and excellent violin playing by Tomoko Omura, which is a definite highlight, as the vocals from Shannon shines through the whole song. SIOBHAN NI DHUIBHUR is a song in which I could see any of the Celtic Woman do on their tour. The melody and song will carry you away as if a scene from Braveheart. SIUL A RUN adds a nice popish beat with a simple percussion and guitar beat, as Shannon and Fionan harmonies melt deep into the song… a definite highlight. The guitar is kept simple yet being a major force in the song.

FIONNGHUALA is a short Celtic song that really shows off the harmonies in acappella style. This short song will simplity amaze you. THE HOLY GROUND holds it own as the guitar weaves itself around Shannon’s voice, as the story is being well told in a simple and sweet way. THE HOUSE CARPENTER/JOLENE is up tempo and is another highlight on this CD. The violin once again taking a role as the story is interweaved with harmonies and adds a special favor to this song. Jolene, the Dolly Parton song, is done amazingly well, adding yet is solid and simple. LOWLANDS OF HOLLAND is definitely sharp as the beat is right on target.

The band is super tight within every song on this CD and I applaud everyone involved on this CD. I must admit, why go to any of the major Celtic shows when you have RUNA right in front of you? The band is going to be reckoned with and I really feel they are Grammy bound within time. Watch for them, because I feel they will around for quite awhile. Amazing job, to say the least.

My hats off to all of you. Now, go out and get this CD while you have time.

Best Regards,
Jim Allford