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The Poptart Monkey’s revisited by Jim Allford


The Poptart Monkey’s CD titled Secret Decoder Outfit… was released in 2003.The band is made up of: Tyson Clark (lead vocals), Chris Kurtz (guitar/ vocals), Rob Hampton (drums) and James Galogach (bass/vocals).

The CD has 10 tracks on it and it was produced great by Wade Perry & The Poptart Monkeys.    Check out the song “WHAT CAN I DO”… it just could get Elvis Costello a little upset… must be the radio, radio deflections in the song. The song is good solid rock’ n’ roll at it’s best.  

The mixture of the songs on the CD is great as it seems to flow from each song. The intro to the song “ENEMY” could be quite a shocked but it has you wondering. Then the song kicks into a meaningful song about what we are. The hooks are right there to feel….it will keep your attention all the way through. 7:30 is the basic 3/4 chord rock song as it kicks you in the face… it would  make The Clash proud.

The CD is has a bit of everything and you won’t be disappointed. The band is still playing gigs so go check then out. The name fits them well… they deserve to have it.

Cheers to the band.
Enjoy and… thank you.  

Jim Allford