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Transparent Things from Altoona



Review by Jim Allford
PA Music
October 2010

TRANSPARENT THINGS from Altoona, Pa. The band is made up of 2 members for the time being which is Krystal Shore, formerly with the defunk Altoona band - Acalasia. The other member is Steven Wells which produced  Nick Finochio.

The EP is titled TWO BIRDS. ONE STONE. and consists of 5 songs. What makes this EP stand out is that the music is stripped down and simple. Krystal’s voice carries everything as you can get swept up in the moment. I must admit, the mixture of Steven and Krystal is a great combination on their first outing.

“HAPPILY EVER AFTER” could easily be a soundtrack to a movie. The music is bouncy and has alot of character. ”ALL IS DELICATE” is great with a dose of strings behind the piano and that is the great part of it… it’s a very simple song that anyone can get into. One of my favs.

The other  cuts include “THE ONE,” “KALEIDOSCOPE” and “KALEIDOSCOPE [Repise]“. My hats off to both of you… great job! If you can get you hands on the EP, get one. This band is definitely going somewhere after they have everything in place.

Don’t say, I told you so…