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Review: FARLEY – A Good Problem to Have


Farley – “A Good Problem to Have”

by Julie Schreiber
PA Music Scene Review
Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center Reviewer
September 2011


If great songwriting seemed lost in the Central PA music scene then look no further than Farley’s EP “A Good Problem to Have”.  Written and produced by Bret Alexander and Tim Farley (with lyrics by Tim Farley) this six song EP is musically refreshing with ear catching hooks and great melodies.  There’s a song on this disc for every type of music fan and for me, that’s definitely a good problem to have.

Tim Farley’s vocal dexterity, versatility, and range are astounding.   “Hindsight” starts the disc perfectly with its upbeat pop groove and great chorus.  “Today” and “Unforgettable” are remarkable hook driven songs and I don’t think I could get them out of my head, even if I tried.  Tim’s vocals are sexy and gritty in “Fuel the Fire”, which showcases the band’s ability to genuinely rock out and added to that, Dustin Drevitch’s guitar solo’s phrasing and tone which creates another dimension to an already well-rounded rock song.  “Waiting On Me”, is catchy country and pop at it’s finest.  Rounding out the EP is “Tiger Lily” a gorgeous ballad with beautiful string arrangements and vocals.  All in all, this EP just wasn’t long enough (which again is a good problem to have).

This disc is fantastic and you don’t have to just take my word for it, “A Good Problem to Have” is available for download on iTunes and without a doubt worth the affordable price tag.  Don’t be surprised if these songs find their way to a radio station near you.  “A Good Problem to Have” keeps true to its title…well done Farley.