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Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music
January 2011

Totally out of the box! This is what you get when you blend hard-driving metal with classic pop rock overtones. The end product is one of the finest pieces of music to emerge from the Windy City since Smashing Pumpkins. Singer Michelle Caruso puts Lita Ford to shame with her sassy in-your-face delivery. Danny Charatin rivals some of the great metal guitarists and rank right up there with Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister. Mark Cox’s percussion ranks right up there with Rush’s Neil Peart and Bassist Dann Walters is an equal to Steven Harris from Iron Maiden.

“Sanctify” is a killer cut with guitar riffs that burst from the seams. This Caruso lends some awesome pipes to this smash mouth rocker.
“My Religion” is a mind-blowing combination of banging rhythms that pulsate throughout. Danny’s solo rides hard and the outro is an explosion. My pick as a mainstream breakout hit“Unshattered” Look out Pat Benatar! The intro doesn’t prepare you for what’s to come and when it does, it’s a total meltdown. Totally radical, my favorite on this CD!

Your Gone” lends a whole new definition to the term “pop-metal”. The hooks are dynamite and just smash you in the face.

“It’s All About You” has CHR/AOR written all over it. This is the classic crossover hit if I ever heard one. Totally in-your-face jam!

With that kind of sound and talent, it’s easy to see why this should be the metal/rock breakout CD of the year for 2011 NATIONWIDE! Wolfman Jack said it best, “ If I’m Lyin, I’m Dyin”!

I give this more than 2 THUMBS UP! It get’s both hands in the air!