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J RAD – Rise Album Review


Written by Mike McKenna
PA Music Scene
August 2010

J RAD is a dynamic group of individuals who hail from Long Island, NY. After hearing these guys do a live show in July at The Garfield in Northampton, PA for a LVMA Benefit with Sinners & Saints…  I sat down and listened to their CD and was totally taken in by the talent that emanated from these four musicians. With a sound that they describe as “a musical hybrid possessing all the elements of vintage rock infused with a modern day approach”, I can see where they get their influences. From the heavy sounds of a Queenryche to the classic rock of the Scorpians and the ballads of a REO Speedwagon, they have mastered what it takes to make a sound that is unique to them. Their new CD “Rise” is a great collection of songs that span all these great artists.

The title track ”Rise” is a classic rock anthem that lends itself to the big hair metal bands of the 80’s. The harmonies of Gino Rudolph and Jared Cannata(JRad) give this tune the feel of some of the bigger names in rock music from days gone by. The guitar work of JRad is eerily reminiscent of Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains. “Walk Away” is an upbeat flowing number that has great instrumentation and harmonies not found today on many commercial offerings.

“Tired and Broken” is a rock ballad in the mold of a REO Speedwagon. It’s a refreshing number that has all the right ingredients to be this bands first single release that would crossover in the CHR/AOR formats. I could see this song getting a bullet on Bilboard! “It’s My Fault” has a CHR/POP flair to it which is very refreshing coming from this band. And yes, it also has what it takes to be another single release from this CD. “Regret” is a tune with a great flow and awesome vocal harmonies that tell a great story that would get the babes a rockin’. “I See Red” takes me back to the good old days of some of the best metal rockers. It is a tight song that reminds me a lot of Ozzie.

To conclude I would like to say after hearing their CD and seeing them perform live, I would venture to say that this is a band that we will be hearing a lot from in years to come.