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Review by Michael McKenna
PA Music
May 2011

J Todd Patton has tried it all at one time or another. Originally from Washington State and now hailing from Greencastle, PA., Todd started recording music in 2009, playing guitar, keyboard and vocals with a few bits of harmonica and sound effects thrown in for good measure.  As an indie artist, Todd does all the recording and mixing in his home and plays most of the instruments. Todd’s music influences are a mixture of folk and folk/rock. His previous efforts have included “Folk Songs for Frightened People” released in the spring of 2010 and the single “Out There Somewhere” in January 2011. His latest effort “Side Streets” includes 7 new original tunes.

The title track “Side Streets” opens with a patriotic feel that gently blends into some really nice acoustic guitar work and a laid back harmonica. With vocals that remind me of an early Neil Young, he projects simplicity yet gets his word across nicely. “Traffic Light” has some nice rhythms that are reminiscent of the late 60’s in his use of instrumentation and his two-voice over-dubbed harmonies are fresh and way cool. “Wintertime in the City” is a laid back number with nice simple keys and just enough synth to give it a fuller sound. I like the dueling vox and harmonies. Misty Sparks adds a nice touch to this track. The lyrics are about real life situations and hold the listeners attention.

“Valentine’s Day Ditty” is about one of those ladies who sweep you off your feet. An awesome funky rhythm track and some real bottom dominate throughout. Carpenters World of Music named this their “May Track of the Month”! “See You in Boston” is a mid-tempo track that uses some unique sounds to bring forth the finished product. This is one of those traveling songs that take you on the road with the sounds of the day. “Boxing Ring” is a funky jam that reminds me of the mid 70’s with the retro sounding bass and slamming Leslie enhanced keys combined with a snappy beat. “Cry If You Want To” is a nice piano/harmonica ballad with harmonies and that ever present high hat that is reminiscent of some early Brit sounds from the late 60’s.

A Retro-Mod sound, clean vocals, precise instrumentation and a simpleness that has been missing from music for too long is the combination that is prevalent throughout this CD. I give this 2 THUMBS UP for this fresh indie sound!