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RUSH Concert Review


Written by Mike McKenna
PA Music Scene

The Rush “Time Machine” Tour hit the Allentown Fair with an energy not seen in this area in a long time. Opening with an awesome visual montage that would pervade the entire evening, Geddy Lee launched into “Spirit of Radio” to open the evening with a vocal barrage that proved this… he has transcended time and hasn’t lost any of his magic. The first set featured many standards such as “Time Stand Still”, “Faithless”, “Workin Them Angels” and “Presto”. A new number “BU2B” from their forthcoming CD is a classic Rush sounding number with Alex Lifeson featured on some powerful riffs that were clean and tight. “Marathon” and “Subdivisions” closed the set with a Monty Python vid and Geddy doing his Moog Synth magic.

After a short break, the crowd was treated to an awesome show of the “Moving Pictures” LP in its entirety. From the opening with “ Tom Sawyer” through to “ Red Barchetta”, “YYZ” “Limelight”, “Camera Eye” “Witch Hunt” to “Vital Signs” the band performed with an expertise and tightness that had the entire audience on their feet either singing along, doing air guitar or just hootin and hollering! This was the high point of the entire show and hearing this once in a lifetime performance was something that will be talked about for years.

Rush then previewed another new number “Caravan” complete with a fiery pyrotechnic display that sent waves of heat throughout the venue. Center stage then shifted to Neil Peart and his rotating drum riser with some nice electronics for a 10 minute drum solo that proved he has got better with time. “Closer to the Heart” “2112 Overture/Temple” and “Far Cry” completed this awesome display of sound. After the crowd brought the trio back for an encore, they were treated to “La Villa Strangiato” and “Working Man”.
Throughout this exceptional produced show, complete with the Time Machine videos, awesome stage props and tight, precise performances, Rush proved to all that they only got better with time. I look forward to hearing more new material from these 3 talented musicians!