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Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music Scene
September 2010

If you are into early 80’s metal icons like Dio and Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with influences like Candlemass and Megadeath, then this is the CD you want to grab and listen to. Sinister Realm’s players include Alex Kristof on vocals, John Gaffney playing bass, Chris Metzger on percussions, John Risko on lead guitar and John Kantner on rhythm guitar. Their precise addiction to their music allows them to create high energy flowing jams with piercing vocals, slamming guitar riffs, and rhythms that carry them through each one of their offerings. John Gaffney is a master with his compositions.

“The Oracle” is slammin, energetic and monstrous! “Machine God” is a nice mid-tempo rocker that smacks of classic metal from some of the gurus of the genre. “The Demon Seed” features some nice riffs from Keith Patrick along with crisp vocals. “Message from God” is an awesome low–tempo number that has Ronnie James written all over it. The harmonies, nice breaks and solos make this a must listen! “March of the Damned” is a number that has a definite early Iron Maiden feel to it. I like the clean vocals from Alex Kristoff that pervade throughout this number.

“The Nihlist reminds me a lot of Black Tide. Slamming guitar riffs, a nice hook and pulsating energy carry this tune. “Mongol Horde” reminds me of mid-80’s metal in its composition and presentation. “Enter the Sinister Realm” is a rockin instrumental masterpiece with some intense guitar work that also has a very deep retro feeling to it. One of the best on this CD! “The Circle is Broken” is a fulfilling number that takes one to a different place and time. I like the changes offered in this tune!
The pairing of these talented musicians has upped the ante sonically, for sure. “SIN” brims and bristles with a sound thrusting that is hard-edged. Melodies are also used when they are needed in this CD. I give this 2 THUMBS UP!