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The Apostrophe S – There Are No Animals in the Zoo EP

The Apostrophe S – There Are No Animals in the Zoo EP
Review by Michael McKenna
PA Music
February 2011
They describe their music as Crunk/Dutch Pop/Rockabilly. I describe it as a mixture of Electronica + Americana = Spacerock! Doing the club thing for the past 4 years, they have progressed from a garage type band to a band that has a decent following that one witnesses when they gig locally.

Hailing from the Lehigh Valley area, Billy Kleinberg and Josh Roland on Vox & Strings, and the Beitler Brothers, Ronnie on bottom and Robbie on percussion, with occasional appearances by Dan McKinney playing synth, put together compositions and lyrics that when you hear them, you’ll remember them and the catchy titles that are attached to them last in your brain bucket.

Their new demo EP is entitled “There Are No Animals in the Zoo” which was recorded at Dan McKinney’s home studio. There are 6 tracks which are all very different to say the least. “Year” opens with synth and riffs to energetic head banging futuristic sounds. The melody is simple yet interesting and refreshing. A new previously unreleased track “Space Song” has some eerie cosmic string work that morphs into a semi-acapella vocals that is really cool and different. The rhythm track kicks in with nice accompaniment comparable to some early Bowie during his Space Oddity days.

“Kandy Kane” has instrumentation that reminds me of some of the great wave of the 80’s. At about 150 BPM, this high energy rocker steps up, then down and keeps one interested throughout. Once you get comfortable, BANG, it‘s back upstairs to the energy that drops off the precipice for an outro. “Insomnia” is a monster! The dueling rocking guitars give this a much heavier sound with the electronica kicking the hooks into the next dimension. My pick as the best track on this EP!

“Blow Me” catches your attention immediately! It sounds like a punk version of Bob Dylan, the Sex Pistols and UK Subs all mixed into one. How’s that for a comparison! The lyrics are suggestive, telling and leave a lot to your wandering imagination. The storyline is awesome and is another one of my best picks! “Humble”, another new song, is the most commercial track on the EP since it is something that AOR/Alternative formats would play. Strong vox lead into clean harmonies that are complimented by dual string riffs.