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The Feens

Review by Mike McKenna’
PA Music
The Feens were selected by fan vote and opened for Kiss in Hershey, PA last month. They are a local band from the Hamburg area that are making a lot of noise in the region. They also have a FB Page………………….

Hailing from the Hamburg, Pa area, The Feens have taken over the area in a way not seen here for many years. In the short span of 6 months, they have amassed thousands of fans and made some memorable appearances in the Northeast. The Feens are on the verge of being the breakout band of the year. The talent that is generated takes this band to places that the masses have not heard since the days of classic rock. Staying true to their roots and influences, they have a mesmerizing sound that can only be described as polished high energy with classic roots. Their very original sound echoes pulsating rhythms, exploding guitar riffs and a creativity that makes them unique. Just imagine pyrotechnics and a 10000 watt sound system in an arena.
“SPACE VAN” is a very good example of modernized retro rock. The intro takes me to a Ray Davies style of guitar work and then morphs into a crisp flow of clean riffs by Zach Ernst. When you talk about energized, this tune owns it.
“SHIVA” opens with a wah wah intro followed by clean vocals and harmonies and rhythmic percussions that make this a good candidate for an AOR breakout.
“FIND ANOTHER LOVE” is a catchy tune with a nice powerhouse solo in the mold of a Black Sabbath. The pulsating rhythms of Matt Liptak make this one of the best tunes on the CD.
“STRANGE” is a pulsating tune that follows in the footsteps of many of the best rockers and guitarists from the day. The solo by Zach Ernst is awesome.
“8 YEARS” is a ripping ballad in the mold of a Scorpians “Winds of Change” that shows the versatility of the band and the range of vocalist Mike Narvaez. I can see this as the bands first breakout single from this LP that could crossover into AOR/CHR.
“STARTING AGAIN” is a tune that has classic rock written all over it. It has a very clean and refreshing sound.
“EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN” has what it takes to be another AOR hit. The pulsating guitar work and harmonies are refreshing. It is a simple, but effective tune that is reminiscent of the late 70’s and early 80’s.
“MOTORCYCLE SOUP” starts with a Pink Floyd type intro and then morphs into a distinctive Edgar Winter type tune in the instrumental sense with driving rhythms and percussions. This tune brings out some of the bands influences and would be a good B side for a single release.
“NEBULA” has party tune written all over it. The driving guitar work is reminiscent of Rush and make this one of the power numbers of this CD.