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The Guess Who – Musik at the Sands Review


Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music

October 25, 2010

They saved the best for last or did they? You would figure for an act that hasn’t had a hit for 30 years, the fact that 2 of the bands most prominent members were no longer there, Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman, that this show would start on a high note. They started the show with 3 lackluster tunes “Bus Rider”, “Star Baby” and “Clap for the Wolfman” which featured original member Derek “Dexter” Sharp as he remarked when he played a local carnival in the 70’s, The Allentown Fair. They followed with “Laughing” which elicited some response from the audience at the end.

From there on, the show intensity just grew in increments both from the fans and the band. The ‘B’ side of the song “Undone” which was a fluke or throw in, according to Sharp, ended up being the catalyst for the crowd. Leonard Shaw gave a rousing solo on the flute ending with an energetic outro that had the crowd now moving as Derek Sharp coaxed the crowd for some noise.

Probably one of the most famous medleys in music was next with “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature” Derek asked the crowd to get involved in a sing-a-long in the first part of the medley. They morphed into the second part of the medley to the joys of the fans.

The band moved to the next level with “Shakin It All Over” the song that started it all for the Guess Who that featured some nice keyboard and guitar solos that turned into an old time jam. Derek Sharp then appealed to the ladies when the band offered “Do You Miss Me Darlin” that featured some nice guitar riffs. “

Hand Me Down World” and “Share the Land” brought the crowd to life again singing and waving their arms in the air back and forth as Derek injected an old Percy Sledge one-liner “When a man loves a woman” into the tune.

The end of the evening was rapidly approaching as the band launched into the “Overture” that featured drummer Barry Peterson in a 5 minute drum solo that bled into some guitar work before the high point of the evening do far, “American Woman” which was masterfully performed. The crowd was in a frenzy, singing, dancing in the aisles as the Guess Who used the lyrics of the song to say ‘Bye Bye, Bye Bye’.

The 75 minute main show had the crowd roaring for more and it was probably the loudest I had heard all night. The encore started with the standard “Lucille” that had the fans dancing in front to the stage. Keyboard player, Leonard Shaw played a mean sax solo and Derek Sharp bent down to talk to the ladies in the front of the stage. They then launched into “These Eyes” with Leonard Shaw featured on keys and had the crowd firmly in their grasp. They saved the best
for last as they kicked off a rousing version of “No Time” to the delight of the crowd. The crescendo was at the highest of the evening as the crowd walked away satisfied. Terry, 52, from Bethlehem stated “The band rocked, I grew up with this music, the show was awesome”.