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Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music
January 2011

I have an affinity for all things 60’s and this CD just blew me away. It took me back to the days when 60’s Garage Punk, psychedelic and hip guitar bands were the in-thing. This blast from the past reminded me of the days when one used to listen to the British Invasion, The Haight-Ashbury Sound and The Seattle Sound of the 60’s. Garage bands such as The Count Five, Mouse and the Traps, The Outsiders and the Shadows of Night come to mind while listening to this.

All the tracks on this CD are definite garage tunes. “Living on a River” is a Brit-style rocker that reminds me in a way of The Strawberry Alarm Clock. “King of Everything” is a bit Rock of the 80’s in its makeup. “Coming Home from War” is reminiscent of Early Beatles, I like the keys, they add a more mature sound. “Meteorite” is an REM sounding tune that is one of my favorites on this offering. “Mrs. Peel” Emma would love this! It’s very Monkees! “I Just Wanna Cry” is an awesome guitar jam from Mike Smitreski and Steve Schlack with simple vocals. “Blame it on the Weather” is a nice mid-tempo tune in the mold of early Yardbirds. “Waiting For You” reminds me of the Shadows of Night. “No Track Mind” awesome harmonies in this 80’s style alt sounding tune.

“Love Will Grow” is a mid-tempo Dylan-style tune from his early days. “Never Bring Me Down” is a Ray Davies/Kinks inspired number with clean vocals and spot on solo. “Maggie” WOW! I could swear I was listening to Eric Burdon and the Animals here. “The Mystical Beat” is another one of those tunes that hits me. I really like this one with the harmonica solo by Shaun McNally.

“That Girl” reminds me a lot of the Outsiders. “A Crying Shame” is more modern in its style and composition. It fits with a lot of today’s jams! “Alone in a Crowd” has an awesome retro sounding harmony with the simple guitar work that makes this one of my three best on this CD. “Creepy” has that sound of an old Instrumental tune from the 60’s whose name escapes me, but it was boss. “The Last Word” is the classic tear-jerker from the doo-wop days. The Steeds do this song justice!

I can only say that this CD “The Steeds” is an awesome collection of retro sounding rock n roll that I haven’t heard performed with this much precision in many years. I give it 2 THUMBS UP!