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Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music

The Wolfman is back! Todd Wolfe along with bandmates Roger Voss on the skins and Suavek Zaniesienko on bottom got together one summer evening in Quakertown to put down some tracks that culminated in this live effort that is filled with 11 tunes that range from the retro 60’s blues-a-delic sounds to modern rocking blues on their 7th release.

Leslie West commented recently on Todd Wolfe’s video of “Mississippi Queen”,“I love that guy, one of the nicest dudes on the planet”. High praise from an artist of his stature! There are more, such as a Blues Revue Magazine Review, “Their sound recalls bands like Gov’t Mule and The Cream”. These are awesome accolades and there will be more to come!

“Ready for Love” is a kick ass original with tight harmonies, a clean hook, and slamming riffs by Todd. Love the retro guitar work! “Crowded in my Soul” has a great southern-rock feeling to it like listening to an old Molly Hatchett tune. The driving percussion from Roger paces this track and Todd’s “Flirtin with Disaster-like” solo is a nice touch. “Cold Black Night” is a blues monster. The vocals, laid back rhythms, simple guitar work and telling lyrics give this a very deep feel. “Beg Forgiveness” is a mid-tempo party tune with plenty of energy to get the crowd on its feet. Todd’s guitar work and nice harmonies permeate throughout this track.

“Gates of Heaven” is one of my favorites on this offering. Simple, clean vocals, telling lyrics, and no overbearing instrumentation make this a must listen! “Roll Over” has a pleasant 60’s feel to it. This is a no bull bluesy masterpiece with an awesome hook! “Black Hearted Woman” is one of those funky-blues-a-delic numbers with the 60’s Billy Preston guitar work that takes you back to the simpler times of jamming music. One of the best songs on the CD!

”Silver Blue” kicks things off with some nice slide–guitar riffs that blend into an awesome blues tune in the mold of some of the greats. “Change Will Come” also has some nice bluesy funk overtones with the retro 60’s blasting guitar work with Todd putting out some deep vocals to blend nicely with the harmonies. “Love Gone Bad” is a nice Southern Blues type number that Stevie Ray Vaughn would have loved. Everything in this tune just blends together perfectly! “Shame” features the percussions of Roger Voss in the intro that morphs into those ever present riffs from Todd and the rhythms of Suavek. This 15 minute jam is totally awesome and fulfills ones listening pleasure and is totally out of the box. This is also one of my best picks from this CD.

This powerhouse trio offers some of the best jamming blues music and structure rarely performed today. This is pure live music that way it should be heard! Todd Wolfe has injected his passion and influences into one awesome work. This CD has exceeded all my expectations. I give this 2 THUMBS UP!