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Review by Mike McKenna
PA Music
February 2011

They call their music “American Made Rock And Roll”. Hailing from Coopersburg, PA, The Ultra Kings are Steve Zoot on the double bass, Karl Van Ehst on percussion, and Rich Kay on lead guitar and vocals with occasional visits by ‘Uncle Hank’ Fauerbach as a backup vocalist and “Cousin Ross” on double-doghouse bass. Their unique blend of rockabilly and rock and roll is full of high energy and brings back memories of the hot rod culture from the 50’s and 60’s. Their music can be compared to some of the greats including Stray Cats, Roy Orbison, Eddie Cochran, and Ronnie Dawson.

“Lets Do It and Say We Did” is a perfect blend of street savvy and technical prowess. I like the story behind the word ‘NO’. “Rockin to Me” just evokes that down-home 60’s flair in the slammin riffs and basslines. The title track “Church of the Weak” is an awesome rhythm driven masterpiece that is one of those whisky-drinking party tunes. “Two Martinis” and “Spinning My Wheels” are two tracks that evokes memories of George Thorogood and his Delaware Destroyers when sitting in the bar and slammin them down. It also sounds like a story that many of us are familiar to. “Twitchy” is a guitar-driven jam that one would hear at the drag strip or at one of those old time car shows.

“Situation Nightmare” is something lot of us may have experienced sometime in our life. A story about blackouts that is so true. “Afternoon in Paris” has me running with the boys as they chase that elusive lady. “Take the Worry out of Love” reminds me a lot of some old Carl Perkins in its style and delivery, it is so refreshing to hear this! “Trailer Park Lolita” is an ode to the trailer trash ladies of America with their sacred piece of ass. I love the storyline in this song, my vote as one of the best on this CD! “The Fade” is classic rockabilly from start to finish. This instrumental just kicks butt with some slammin guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms.

After spending my Sunday at the Church of the Weak, I can truly say that I have become a convert to their message of whisky-drinking and girl chasing antics in the true mold of Americana. This is honky-tonk at its best! I give this CD 2 THUMBS UP! Party on dudes!