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Review by Michael McKenna
PA Music
February 2011

Ton – Taun is an indie alternative/ folk / rock band who hail from the Lancaster/Reading areas. The four core members of the band have a deep love and appreciation for the music and have used their talents to further their knowledge and taken the next step forward into production and engineering. They write music that reflects their wide range of influences which include Paul Simon, Radiohead, Phish, The Police, Earth, Wind & Fire, Talking Heads and Charles Mingus.

This young bands core consists of Doug Hynes on guitar, keys & vox, Jordan Capizzi on guitar, keys & vox, Mario Borgatta on bass and pump organ and Louis Borgatta on percussion. They use intricate arrangements, awesome riffs, banging hooks and tight harmonies to project their unique sound. Their new CD was recorded in Mario Borgatta’s home studio as their next step in their evolution.

“Arners” has a unique rhythm track and telling lyrics. The background effects reverberate at just the proper levels and the backing harmonies are melodic. “Elevator” invokes individual expressionism with candid lyrics and a cool folksy sound. “Headdresses” has a retro alternative sound with vocals that resemble an early Darius Rucker. Driving guitar work pervades throughout this track. “Importer” opens with upbeat rhythms and morphs into a descriptive maze of different feelings and tight harmony. This has an awesome sound! “Maxwell’s” features some tight riffs, in your face lyrics and an awesome composition. This is one of the best on this CD!

“Please Caroline” opens with a Beatlesque sound with the ever present keys and the artsy vocals found on the LP “Sgt .Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band”. “Postcards from India” has an eerie sound reminiscent of some very early Sting. I really like the storyline that is projected and the energetic vox solo. “Psychopath” has a new age sound in the intro which the band uses to express themselves in a very intricate manner. The composition is tight and fresh and accompanying vocals have an almost religious feel.

“Run” reminds me of a Scottish act with the signature harmonies and laid back alternative style. ”Seven Times Before” is totally out of the box. This track has commercial possibilities as a single release. The acoustic guitar work and backing instrumentation with the in your face lyrics kicks ass! This is the BEST song on the CD! “The Coca-Cola Factory” has a bit of a folksy new wave sound from the 80’s that is so cool! Love the synth and real storyline! “The Feeling You Get When You Drive with No Shoes On” is one of those feelings of freedom. I was kicked upside the head by the intro that sounded like the vocalist was halfway across the room from a hot mike. The track exploded into a guitar and rhythm driven mid tempo monster!

To say their music is different from the commercial offerings heard today is an understatement. These four talented individuals have taken their expressionism and creativity to a totally different level not heard everyday. I would say that if you want to hear that is not standard commercial bull, give these guys a LISTEN! You will not be disappointed!