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Darcie Miner


Review by Jason Knorr







Artist: Darcie Miner

Album: Loneliness Anonymous


Rating:  4 out of 5 guitars





When you look at pictures of Darcie Miner, you see a beautiful, happy, worry free face, but the image reflected in her 4th release Loneliness Anonymous is one of a girl who is struggling with inner turmoil stemming from relationship & family problems.  Her silky smooth and melodic voice guides you on her journey for happiness and through revelations of self acceptance. 

The album is beautifully arranged with a great mix that is very pleasing to the ears.  Presented in a very professional looking digipack package, you get the immediate impression that Darcie is a serious musician expecting to be heard.  When you take a sonic bite into the first track “Vulnerability”, your suspicions are confirmed that Darci Miner is the “real deal”.  The album houses a host of musical goodies including crisp acoustic guitars, bluesy steel guitars, screeching electric axes, and some very tasteful backup vocals.  Darcie gave this album a sound that is definitely all her own, with occasional nuances reminiscent of Sheryl Crow.       

 Produced by Darcie Miner and Jimmy Patton and executive producer Jim Murphy, they have definitely put out an album they can all be proud of. Loneliness Anonymous was recorded in Patton’s home studio, and released on Indminer Records.                  

  While all the songs on this CD can definitely hold their own, I feel the standout track is definitely “Trainwreck in Pennsylvania”.  Often times when an artist channels intense feelings into a song, the outcome is nothing short of amazing.  When you listen to “Trainwreck,” you can detect a difference in the soul of the song from all the others.  The song is clearly heartfelt, and the pain behind Darcie’s voice is clearly audible.  There is nothing more commendable or inspiring than when an artist puts their most emotional and personal moments out there for the public to absorb, and for this I applaud her.                      

Overall, a very solid effort that is definitely worth checking out.  The album’s overall mood is a bit dark and depressing, and I would love to hear Darcie sing one or two happy, feel good songs.  Flavorful acoustic rock rhythm, with twangy lead guitar arrangements that add a pinch of country and some bluesy melody peppered in for taste, makes this a delicious recipe that will satisfy your sonic taste buds.             


Darcie Miner – Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Backing Vocals

Jimmy Patton – Guitars, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals

Dan Rustico – Bass

Paul Murr – Drums, Percussion

Matt Thomas: Keys

Chris Paradise – Guitar on 24

Charlie Burnett – Upright Bass on Trainwreck

 Produced By:  Jimmy Patton & Darcie Miner

Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by:  Jimmy Patton

Executive Producer:  Jim Murphy

Track Listings:

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Rollerskating Song
  3. Loneliness Anonymous
  4. 24
  5. Bad Habits and You’re Full Of Shit
  6. Wide Awake In Silence
  7. Somerset
  8. Patience, Boy
  9. Trainwreck in Pennsylvania
  10. There Is No Getting Through