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Pan.a.ce.a – We the Broken


Review by Jason Knorr

Artist:    Pan.a.ce.a
We The Broken
:   4 out of 5 Marshall Stacks


The dictionary defines Pan.a.ce.a  as “a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all”.  Well Pan.a.ce.a  is definitely some potent penicillin that will stomp the sickness out of anyone whose ailment is craving some ass kicking rock and roll.  Using an arsenal of crunchy tuned down guitars, hauntingly dark harmonies, and a rhythm section that resembles the sound of a Gatling gun as their surgical instruments, Pan.a.ce.a seems determined to prove that they are the cure for any musical sickness in the area. 

We The Broken is Pan.a.ce.a’s third studio release; it was recorded at Saturation Acres and produced by themselves along with the famed Bret Alexander (The Badlees).  The album starts off with “Too Little Too Late”, a melodic rock song with a strong chorus very reminiscent of Breaking Benjamin.  The first thing you hear when the music starts is a blazing drum fill by percussionist extraordinaire Kevin Harry.  Kevin really does some amazing drum work on this album.  He plays lots of intricate fills and keeps a steady and tasteful rhythm throughout the entire release.

Singer Tim Farley’s vocals are very strong with an original style. Throughout the album there are some great dark harmonies present.  I had the pleasure of seeing Tim perform two acoustic songs at MMC 14 this year.  I have never seen Pan.a.ce.a live, so getting to hear a couple of the songs performed live was a great experience.

The title track “We The Broken” is definitely a stand out track with some off timed rhythm, offsetting some great lyrics, over a thick bed of clean and distorted guitars.  Catchy choruses that will make you want to scream along with the words.  A nice surprise in this song is a transition into a Bob Marley reggae-type verse.  It is much unexpected but very well done.

Overall, We the Broken is a great release that will satiate the appetite of anyone looking for some great local rock and roll to feast on.  Pan.a.ce.a seems destined for great things and they are definitely on the right path.  After listening to their music, I will definitely be seen in one of their crowds! 


Tim Farley – Vocals

Kevin Harry – Drums, Samples

Matt Jaffin – Bass

Paul Young – Guitars

Produced By:

Panacea & Bret Alexander

Recorded At:

Saturation Acres

Drum Editing at Full Tilt Productions

Song Tracks:

  1. To Little To Late
  2. Someday
  3. We The Broken
  4. Stay
  5. Hold On
  6. Dreaming In The Real
  7. Children Of Tomorrow
  8. No More Secrets
  9. Now Or Never
  10. The Yesterdays
  11. The Fix
  12. Everything Is Different (When I’m With Her)
  13. This Life