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Steven Gellman – Peaceful World Review


Review by Jason Knorr
PA Music


Artist: Steven Gellman

Album: Peaceful World


Julia Childs was a master chef, her passion was food. Bruce Lee was a master martial artist, his passion was Wing Chun a form of martial arts. Martin Scorsese is a master film maker, his passion is movies and Steven Gellman is a master songwriter, his passion is telling stories with his songs.  Peaceful World is a collection of brilliantly crafted folk masterpieces that pull you into another world for your minds eye to explore.  On a level playing field with any CD you would pull off of a rack at FYE, from the glossy shrink wrapped package, to the amazing production value complete with crisp acoustic guitars, angelic 3 part harmonies and Steven’s super clean vocals. 

The opening track “The Beautiful People” left me in awe and by the time it was over, my ears were craving more.  Amazing female harmonies introduce this upbeat pop song that you would hear from the likes of the B52’s.  The arrangements on the whole album are so well constructed that you barey notice that most of the album is nothing more then vocals and guitar with some percussive nuances weaving there way in and out of the melodies.  The songs are very strong and if Mr. Gellman and his female counterpart had a strong Irish accent, they could have easily made there way on to the soundtrack of a modern day version of “The Quiet Man”. 

Steven has a talent for writing a song around a small story or bit of information that would normally pass us by without a second thought.  This is very evident in the sixth song on the album entitled “Suffer the Children, Suffer the Animals”.  It is a story about a young girl who made it on the news in  Maryland for taking the day off of school with her father and going bear hunting.  She was on the tube recounting her hunt and kill of a bear.  Trust me, after listening to this song, you will no doubt know where Steven stands on children and hunting.

“Black is The Colour” is Gellman’s musical version of Sir Samuel Ferguson’s Dear Dark Head poem crafted in 1867.  It is one of my favorite tracks on the album and it has earned many repeat plays on my music player.

When it is all said and done, Peaceful World is a true work of art.  It is apparent that Steven Gellman poured much of himself into this work and he spared no expense.  I have to say I truly enjoyed listening to this CD and I am sure I will be listening to it again and again.  Do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy or pick one up at a show if you are near one of his live performances.  I only hope Steven Gellman decides to book a show close to my neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, I would definitely love to experience him live.