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Brandy Lynn Confer – In The Dust Review


Review by Sherry Marchefsky
PA Music
February 2011

For a girl that doesn’t want to be found, her music is downloadable across the globe. Brandy Lynn Confer’s new album In the Dust was release in November 2009 at the Thunderbird Café in Pittsburgh, Pa. She has a down-home sultry voice matching that similar to Sheryl Crow. Their voices are almost indistinguishable. The light, untrained, raw sound of Sheryl takes form in Brandy’s voice creating a cult following from that similarity alone. Brandy’s songwriting is sweet. She writes of emotional games, losing love and forever waiting. There are only two upbeat songs on her album: “My Opium” and “I Need Light”. The rest of the album is easy listening, something you would hear in a “lover’s silence” during a movie.

In the Dust was recorded and mastered at Seventh Wave Studio in Harrisburg, Pa under the creative production of producer Jason Rubal. Jason was a guest speaker at this year’s 15th Annual Millennia Music Conference in Harrisburg. He is internationally acclaimed for his producing and tends to shy from the mainstream sound to play along the creative edges. Brandy Lynn Confer wrote and arranged all the songs off her album, as well as played all the guitar parts. Roy Nash recorded bass, Mark Bohn is on drums and Jeremy Thompson’s responsible for the Midi Sequencing. It is a very chill reflectively nostalgic album. The fourth track, “What If?” calls to me as if a ghost of my past is standing right beside me. “What If?”, as well as, “In the Dust” (the self-titled) are very somber yet they leave you with a glimpse of hope.

Though Brandy Lynn Confer’s self-marketing is slim, her album marking is in the hands of millions. In the Dust is available for download on,, and more. Brady positioned her downloads intercontinental on sites across country lines. A brilliant move to gain a larger following.

Brandy just finished recording another album with Jason Rubal which is scheduled to be released in the next few months. She will be launching her website at that time also. In the mean time you can find her on MySpace and Facebook.

In the Dust:
1. Heartbreaker
2. Nobody Wins
3. My Opium
4. What if?
5. Tarantula
6. I Need Light
7. Freight Train
8. Gypsy Lullaby
9. In The Dust