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Nathan Veshecco – Love, With Questions



Review by Sherry Marchefsky
PA Music
March 2011

The release of Nathan Veshecco’s new album Love, With Questions in June of 2010 has left his audience stunned. He returns back to his roots of simple, primitive songwriting through these stripped-down 12 songs. A sole idea transformed into playful words and ingenuous sounds. In his previous albums, Lady, You’re Shady, I Love a Worried Woman, and Alleys, Nathan demonstrated his strengths on the guitar and singing. The songs off those albums were stylistically vast and even Nathan admits that those were written during a time when he felt like he had to “prove something”. With album four, it’s all about showcasing his songwriting talent. He feels like he made his “First album, Fourth”. This album finally reflects the seasoned, well-polished songwriter in his life’s harmony.

This 27 year old Sagittarius from Harrisburg has been engulfed in music since he can remember. He played in high school bands and musicals. His parents are given most of the credit for standing behind him on his long-term music journey. One of his main influences is the ever-talented singer/songwriter John Mayer. Longing to follow in John’s footsteps, Nathan applied and got accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He turned down the acclaimed college, however, to go in to the studio to cut his first album while also taking classes at a local community college. During the years that followed, Nathan recorded another two albums without much success of moving up. He decided at this time to move to California and attend the University of California at Berklee for Political Science. That dream was short lived because Nathan’s need to continue his musicianship brought him back to Pennsylvania to continue writing.

His fourth album is a lot different from his previous three. Nathan hones in on his influences Marvin Gaye, The Beatles and John Mayer, just to name a few, for the sound of a musical creation that would “fit in well at my grandmother’s highly Italian dinner table.” Nathan entered into a new relationship at the start of Love, With Questions. It motivated him to write a different type of song, that of a person’s path to meeting someone new and falling in love. He says that “it clicked that these songs would be rightly served with an acoustic guitar or just an electric guitar. I wanted to explore what I could do with a couple of instruments and a couple of voices instead of a big production. Almost everything you hear on this album is me, but it isn’t meant to be an ego exercise by showcasing myself; it was more about the idea that there didn’t need to be more than me on this album.”

Simple worked. Nathan’s vision for his latest creations was met with subtle harmonies and minimal production. Sometimes it’s not about meretricious instrument overlays or superficial lyrics; sometimes it’s just about love… with questions… pure and simple.

Love, With Questions
1. I Have A Question
2. I’d Die
3. Keep It Suite
4. Don’t Keep it Too Long
5. I’d Be Here
6. The True Moon Moves You
7. My Toast To You
8. The Guilty Ones (duet w/Taryn Sprenkle)
9. The Dreary Down & Outs
10. Damn, Do I Need You
11. Legs Are Spaghetti
12. I Still Have Questions